Andrew Maishman Paint Your Peace Workshop

Paint Your Peace Workshop is the most affordable way to work with the founder of this remarkable painting method. The workshop will begin with Andrew Maishman performing a comprehensive instructional demonstration, after which he will guide you as you discover your own innate kinetic painting language.

CREATE A RESPLENDENT WORK OF ART that is synonymous with the spirit of creation: A living visual metaphor addressing the inner need, which springs from the soul. Using an automatic/intuitive painting method developed by Andrew Maishman, participants will leave the workshop with a unique painted expression. The workshop comprises of two sessions. The first session will be spent painting and the second session discussing the results.

No previous art training necessary.

PAINT YOUR PEACE strives to make sense of all aspects of an individual's life, by integrating:

  • A concern for the quality of inner life

  • An interest in developing wholeness

  • An emphasis upon the meaning of life and ones purpose within it


Wear comfortable clothes and a short sleeved tee shirt that can get splattered with paint.

Directions: Take Rt. 80 West to exit 12, make a right off the ramp, immediately pass NJ State Police barracks on left, and make your first right onto Rt. 608 Silver Lake Rd. Go 3.8 miles to Kerrs Corner Rd, make a right and then a quick left into the Driveway of 93 Kerrs Corner Rd, Blairstown, NJ 07825.

Fee: The price of $270 includes two sessions, all materials (except your solution journal), plus framing and wiring your artwork. Space is limited to 10 participants.

Solution Focused Private Sessions
I am now offering individual painting sessions for those who want the ultimate personal experience or are unable to make the workshop dates.

The cost of a private session is $320 which includes everything offered in the workshop, only completely personalized. Please respond to this email if you are interesed or you can call me at 973 985-9114 to schedule a session.

Future Paint Your Peace workshops will happen on the

PLEASE CALL 973-985-9114 TO REGISTER: (or for further information).

Watch here for details on upcoming workshops.










What people are saying:

I did this workshop and found it to be amazing. I experienced a dialogue in the language of color and paint which engaged a new channel of communication within me. It gave me an opportunity to interact using my senses and receive whatever I needed to. The gifts of this experience kept revealing themselves as daily treasures. As a result, I have been lifted to new levels of awareness, wholeness, and insight.

I found the Paint Your Peace workshop a powerful and fun experience. Within my paintings I can see my life's journey put into perspective and I feel validated and newly empowered. I love my paintings and I discover something new within them every day! Thank you for giving me this opportunity to stretch myself and see the miracles that are there waiting for me so I can TRUST, relax and enjoy.

My painting feels like a blueprint of the past year and adapts as I am moving forward in my life. As I evolve and change it changes with me. It gives me hope and support on this amazing journey! I sit with it almost every day and give thanks!

What a great workshop.I really loved it! I really love my painting.
It's the picture of my life, but mostly my heart and soul. I see my
imperfections and weaknesses through the beautiful swirls of color, but I know by being able to see them I gain great strengths to walk along side them in love. Its the perfect picture of the perfect Janet on her journey. The journey has a long way to go and I can't wait to paint another "Paint Your Peace Workshop" My 17 year old son would also love to take the workshop.
Thank you for everything,

I believe Paint Your Peace is reaching new levels. I painted my first almost a year ago. I titled it EBB and FLOW. It hangs in my bedroom, on my side of the bed. I stare at it a lot and it has changed. I see new pictures within the paint! Is it changing with me..or.. as I change am I seeing more into the depths of the paint? Quite interesting. I love my painting & next year I will paint another. It is such a fun, creative and unique experience. Thank you for continuing to share it.
Blessings to you and your family.

Paint Your Peace is an overwhelming soul experience. I am not an artist and yet it is so moving to put the paint to canvas feeling it squish and move through your fingers. Then...the interpretation...unbelievable what you recognize about yourself.
Thanks again-

I don't really know how to explain what PYP is for me. Both times I wasn't sure that I liked my paintings and when the time came for the interpretations they just came alive. I love to look at them and sit with them. Both years were very powerful for my personal growth and feelings. I have never felt a sense of self so strong as going through this process. I look forward to doing it again and see how the pieces fit together and maybe what has become unimportant and left behind. Thank you for this experience.
Be Well,

I loved this workshop. Thank you! I have never painted much of anything as an adult, so I was especially amazed that I was able (as was everyone) to create such a stunning piece. It was just plain fun to slather the paint around with our elbows and arms. The work you did later with us to unlock the meanings in the painting was insightful, illuminating, and thought provoking. It will give me plenty to think about in the weeks and months ahead. It was a wonderful sharing and I truly appreciate your talents and abilities in figuring out this method.

I loved the workshop! It was something that I was really interested in doing. I did not draw/paint or express myself this way for a long time so to have an opportunity to use paints - with my own hands and create something so big - something that I am actually proud to display and look at myself, was extraordinary. I did not do anything so meaningful and creative in very long time. Thank you so much Andrew!