Artist Statement

My work is about connection, my paintings convey energy;

they are about sensing truth, about enigmatic wisdom, about

light’s vocabulary: their colors have meanings.

My art speaks in volumes, it books appointments,

it pages possibilities, it reads between the lines,

and paints outside of them.

My work is about tasting freedom, about sniffing insight,

it has cosmic humor, it has tragic goodness.

My art breathes in unison, it pulses intuitively,

flowing spontaneously,

it beats the drum, I follow its path.

My work waves with pleasure, washing up dirt,

telling it straight, hiding from no one.

My art goes the distance, plumbs the depths,

digs to heaven: harvesting joy, it has no malice.

My work celebrates life,

changing, informing

on multiple levels of seeing and knowing,

my work, works.